Taking Care of your BAUGHaus Pieces

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful hand-made ceramic plate or cup to set off a meal. We know you're going to love your handmade porcelain tableware, dinnerware, plates, bowls and cups from Baughaus Design Studio.

It's no secret, that we adore handmade porcelain tableware for its elegance and sophistication and take pride in each piece we create. However, if you’re not used to caring for these items, it can seem mysterious and intimidating and we want you to be able to enjoy it for years to come.

If you're the kind of person who's fortunate enough to eat off of handmade porcelain dinnerware, you probably already know the value of keeping your precious dishes safe. Despite porcelain being one of the more durable ceramic materials it still has some nuances that must be considered for everyday usage. Don't be discouraged…caring for porcelain products is actually quite simple. We have put together a guide for keeping your dinnerware looking and feeling luxurious.


  • When you get your new handmade porcelain plates, bowls and cups home from the store, hand-wash them before using them for the first time and hand-wash after each use thereafter.
  • While dishwashers on a delicate cycle and on the top shelf are safe for porcelain and stoneware pieces, it is best to hand-wash in case you have special accents like gold lustre, decals or hand-painted decorations and in the case of some BAUGHaus pieces; wooden and natural materials. If you want to give them a good clean, use warm water and soap (or dishwashing liquid) but avoid abrasive cleaners and scrubbers as they may damage the glaze. And some may even leave streaks and scratches that make it look dingy over time.
  • To dry your porcelain tableware after washing it, use a lint-free towel to dry each item individually, and avoid paper towels or terry cloths which can scratch the surface of your item or leave lint and streaks all over your pieces.
  • A quick wipe is all that's needed to prevent water marks from forming on your beautiful tableware! If you put more than one item on top of another while they’re wet, they may stick together (and break!) when you try to separate them later.
  • To store your porcelain tableware, keep each piece stored in a dry, cool place, preferably away from direct sunlight. Do not stack heavy items directly on top of one another as this can cause cracking or breakage over time. We recommend no more than 4 dinner plates or 6 salad plates in a stack. Added bonus if you can keep a cardboard spacer or a dish towel in between each piece. Avoid stacking bowls, if you have to…put them mouth to mouth with a cardboard cake round or dish towel between them to prevent chipping of the rims.
  • Storing large serving pieces might be challenging if you have space constraints…in such cases use them as part of your décor when not in use, like a coffee table or kitchen island centrepiece.

Feel free to save the image below for quick reference.

BAUGHaus porcelain tableware care instructions infographic

Additional Tips for Usage

Proper usage of your porcelain tableware is also essential to its longevity. If you can, do not put your porcelain in the dishwasher, microwave, oven, freezer, or use it for extremely hot liquids. However, we understand this is not always practical in today's world. So what we recommend is gentle use…such as using the delicate cycle on your dishwasher or only using the microwave for a short reheat under one minute and on a low power setting. Absolutely do not place your pieces in the freezer or oven. We have a special line for oven use. [Follow along for more on that later]

All of our ceramics are glazed with certified food safe and lead free glazes unless otherwise stated. We recommend hand washing your items to best preserve the work, and avoid prolonged soaking in water if the item is unglazed. Dirt and stains on unglazed surfaces can be removed with a scrub brush and a bit of baking soda. 

It is very important to remember that porcelain has similar qualities to glass so it is best to avoid rapid temperature changes. This can cause damage to the porcelain and may even cause it to crack or break. For example, never take a piece from the fridge and place it in hot water. This can cause the porcelain to crack or break, a phenomenon known a thermal shock. Never put frozen foods on your piece then put it in a microwave nor expose the wares to sudden, dramatic shifts in temperature (e.g. placed into a hot degree oven from room temperature). This is a recipe for disaster. 

Some makers may advise against using your porcelain for acidic, salty or spicy foods, we have not found that to be an issue with our pieces. However, we recommend immediate washing after curries or stews which can cause staining or discolouration and avoid these types of foods altogether on matte or unglazed pieces.

Bear in mind that often times we may ding our piece, but do not see a crack, because it is internal or a hairline crack. If this occurs please, give it a few taps and listen for a dull sound which indicates there might be a crack.

Take care when using sharp utensils on your porcelain plates and bowls, as they can scratch the surface. However, this is likely to happen in everyday use. If this occurs, simply take rub the scuff mark with a little abrasive cream cleanser and gently rub the scuff mark. In the case of unglazed pieces that might have deeper scuff mark, you can use a scouring pad or a very fine grade sandpaper with a little water to gently remove the scuff mark.

It is also good to never leave items standing upright overnight; always put them away flat on a shelf or countertop so they don't tip over. Always take care in placing your pieces away for storage to ensure they positioned firmly in place and will not topple over.

This guide should give you as much information to keep your pieces looking good for your lifetime and future generations. Although it might seem daunting to first time users, trust us it really will become second nature and is simple to manage when compared to using other alternatives that can leach harmful chemicals into your food and definitely do not complement the meaningful life you are creating for yourself and loved ones. We are happy you have chosen BAUGHaus to begin this journey and if you are already a collector and connoisseur we are happy you have included us in your esteemed and beloved tableware collection.

Wishing you many inspired moments around the table.

Live Good…Love Life!

xx Dana