Luxury is in the Details | Features of a BAUGHaus Piece

May 23, 2020 2 Comments

Luxury is in the Details | Features of a BAUGHaus Piece

"The luxury is in the details and the time spent to perfect, refine and lovingly create something that brings joy, time after time."

We truly love what we do! Not only do we get to create pieces that tell an authentic story of Jamaican heritage, we also get to bring joy and play a role in celebrations every day.

I enjoy mulling over the details; picking apart the meals that make up Jamaican culinary culture and weaving the pieces into the fabric of our lives…our story…our heritage. I get so fired up being able to envision and create a design that fulfills this mission to celebrate our culinary heritage and create pieces that enhances it for all people who enjoy good food with good people [even if it’s a table for one!].

 Dana Baugh making in her studio

The process to make one of our pieces is physically demanding but I take pride in the time it takes and the outcome of a well-made piece of handmade ceramic tableware. Over time and LOTS of lessons learnt, I have developed techniques that make our pieces unique. Here are some of the features of an authentic BAUGHaus ceramic piece...a fine Jamaican product!

What makes BAUGHaus so special?

  • 48 hours to perfection. We take pride in our process. Each piece can take up to 48 hours of continuous ‘hand’ work to complete! It involves various steps and techniques; each piece having its own idiosyncrasy that requires a different set of skills and expertise from another piece, some being more complex than others. The main process we use is one called slip-casting, it is a production pottery technique that allows replication and consistency of an original piece of work, where liquid clay; called slip is poured into one of our original plaster moulds, timed and excess clay poured out to be used again. The remaining clay in the mould is removed after drying in the mould for some time. We then go through a series of cleaning and refining techniques to complete the piece then we glaze and fire it. Depending on the piece, we can fire it up to 3 times!
  • A refined finish is the hallmark of BAUGHaus. We make the most out of those 48 hours and delight in being known as the Wedgwood of Jamaica; putting in the extra hours and elbow grease to ensure every piece meets this standard. Over time, we have developed methods and trained our team to execute some of our proprietary cleaning and making processes. We love seeing our exquisite pieces come out of the kiln in perfect form; in the way we envisioned it from the beginning.


    • Material composition is key when making our pieces and we use only the best for our customers. Porcelain is the signature clay body we use, in a liquid form known as slip! Porcelain is especially known for its strength (chip resistance), whiteness (for more vivid colours) and translucency (that gives it that delicate quality). It is vitreous when it is fired to completion, so it be fired without a glaze coating resulting in an exquisite matte finish.
    • Final inspection our 5-star quality check point system allows us to ensure each piece meets our standards throughout the making process. Although handmade we aspire to make quality products every time!
    • Firing can take up to 15 hours in our electrical kiln! We’re not baking muffins here! Our pieces go through a chemical transformation under some serious heat, in fact up to 1187°C (that’s the temperature of molten lava by the way). This is a slow process and we need it to climb up to that temperature slowly and cool down slowly, so the pieces don’t crack due to thermal shock. Our kilns can multiple pieces and it takes us 2 weeks or more to make enough pieces to fill them!
    • Our logo is applied after each piece is inspected for quality, some pieces receive the logo in the early stages of production, while some after it is fired to maturity, the logo is applied and placed back into the kiln for another firing to bake the logo into the piece.

    • Food safe glazes in colours that you love ensures that your pieces are safe for the entire family. We pledge to use food safe glazes on surfaces that would come into contact with your food, so you can rest-assured our pieces are safe for the entire family to use.


    • Handmade in Jamaica and proudly so! Every piece expresses the story of the island and thus is; “infused with Jamaican Roots & Culture!”



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    Claire Spence
    Claire Spence

    December 07, 2021

    I like your products. Your interview on Nationwide was inspiring and positive. Keep up the great work. Take care of Daddy who you said works in the factory.


    December 07, 2021

    It’s so fascinating to read about your process, especially the CARE that goes into each piece. Thanks for sharing! Inspiring!

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