About us


We are design-makers of Jamaican hand-made ceramics, lighting, furniture and soft goods for the home. Our main products are our porcelain home goods and bespoke lighting fixtures inspired by the Caribbean with a modern aesthetic.

Our products are designed with traditional and modern materials using new methods of design-making[micro/light manufacturing] to create design innovations for the home. We infuse Caribbean ‘roots & culture’ and nature, into the design and creation of each piece while utilising modern technology to advance the designs. The product line is clean and modern but warm at the same time, a true expression of Tropical Modern, functional design for the home, typically, pairing local materials such as Jamaican wood and clay with the natural beauty of ‘very white’ porcelain. The shapes are simple, marrying crisp whites and colours of the Tropics with the warmth of wood and other traditional local materials.


About Dana

Dana has been creating for as long as she can remember. As the only girl between two boys, she would spend most of her time making things or taking them apart to entertain herself. Her creative talents were encouraged by her family with various craft projects and along the way she was introduced to clay by her father and immediately took to sculpting. She then taught herself Adobe Photoshop at 15 and fell in love with graphic design and used it to transform her creations, which she would either make as gifts for her family and friends or sell to her fellow students to raise funds for charity. This resulted in the desire to pursue Industrial Design as a profession.

Years later after being lead down another path, in 2005 she unexpectedly returned to design by way of the hospitality industry. On recognising her talent, her employers [Sandals Resorts] gave her a full scholarship to study design in New York at Parson’s the New School. It was in her final semester that she was reintroduced to clay and mould-making and fell in love with creating products once more.

On returning to Jamaica, she spent another five [5] years working as an Interior Designer, Merchandiser, Retail Product Designer and Revenue Marketing and Special Projects Manager with Sandals Resorts International, while starting her business after-hours [2012]. This ‘side-hustle’ provided a creative outlet as well as the first step to fulfilling her passion, the business of design.

With steady growth, many sleepless nights, countless words of encouragement and her mind made up, in January 2016 she decided to take the leap and commit to the fulltime management and growth of BAUGHaus Design Studio.

She dreams to one day become a leader in the design of Tropical Modern products, made in the Caribbean and hopes to inspire others to live by the BAUGHaus ethos;


“live the life you love…love the life you live.”