Ital Cup | Limited Edition

Turquoise Stripe
Coral Pattern
Gold Rain
Fern Gully Waterfall
Atlantis Waterfall
Porcelain drinking vessel with thumb rest sits perfectly in your hand from BAUGHAus Design Studio's ITAL Collection. Each piece from the Limited Edition Collection is hand-painted personally by our Creative Lead, Dana. She uses special techniques and manipulation of glazes, developed over time, creating overlays and effects, making each unique. She only does limited quantities each production run, due to the time it takes to apply the glazes.
The Ital collection is inspired by the calabash or gourds used in Jamaica's Rastafarian cuisine, known as Ital which is food prepared as close to it's natural state as possible to maintain it's nutritional benefits. The diet is similar to a raw food or purist way of eating.
These cups are inspired by and handmade in Jamaica.
Made in Jamaica
Dimensions: 3.5"l x 3.5"w x 3.5"h
*PLEASE TAKE NOTE: do not pour hot water in cup while holding. Place the cup down on a flat surface, then pour the hot water into the cup. Allow the cup to cool to the touch then take a sip of your favorite brew!

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